Counterfeit Electronic Components: The Dangers and the Consequences


One of the biggest concerns for electronic manufacturing companies should be the standard of the components being used to create electronic devices.  29% of people have been reported to have purchased a counterfeit item, and about 17% of people say that they do so on an occasional basis in the United Kingdom.  Counterfeit electronic components […]

Why Do Electronic Components Become Obsolete?

Component obsolescence has effects on several segments of the electronic industry, and understanding the causes of this obsolescence can help manufacturers thrive in their businesses.  It is dangerous to overlook the importance of obsolescence management for electronic parts, especially for manufacturers of components used in medical, military, transport and aerospace industries. Those small electronic components […]

What is Obsolescence Management and Why Do You Need it?


For everything we buy and use, there is a life span attached. Everything  starts ageing, and, as time goes on, some components may no longer be available for purchase as replacements. In this blog post, you’ll learn about what obsolescence management is and why you need it. What is Obsolescence? Obsolescence concerning electronic components happens […]