Cost Reduction

Committed to working with you on a long-term basis to reduce your component costs while adding significant value to your supply chain.


The Problem We Solve

Our customers face ongoing challenges in reducing manufacturing costs, and we are adept at assisting them in achieving savings compared to standard costs from mainline distribution while ensuring long-term supply stability by offering scheduled, buffer, or kanban orders.

Vital uses valuable CRM data, whilst working together with global sourcing experts to understand and fulfil our customers’ needs proactively.

Our Sourcing Benefits

Achieving The Best Price

We constantly monitor the global market to understand supply and pricing trends for electronic components. This means our clients quickly get the components they need at the lowest price possible.

Global Reach

We have team members on the ground across the globe constantly monitoring their regions supply chains. This means we get from RFQ to Quotation stage quickly and efficiently.

Fulfilling Your Demand

We are connected to thousands of trusted suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. This allows us to fulfil your demand list, mitigating any disruption to your production.

Long Term Scheduled Supply

Cost savings are great, but not if they're on a one time deal. We offer cost reduction in addition to buffer, scheduled or Kanban orders. Our team work hard to understand where our sourcing efforts need to be spent to deliver consistent cost reductions on a long-term basis.

Speak to our Sourcing Team

We are here to help you keep your production running, and getting you the best value components for your budget.


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