Introducing our VECTr Portal

Introducing VECTr, your new portal for monitoring excess stock sales, providing transparency where once there was none. Users of our consignment excess sales model can monitor quote and sales activity in real time. No longer will your excess material disappear into a reporting or communication “blackhole”. Instead, users of VECTr can access all SOP activity, instantly, with their own secure login.

Video Intro

Want to learn more about our VECTr Portal? Watch the video below where Joe Chisnall, our VECTr Product Manager explains the benefits that VECTr will bring to your excess sales requirements, along with some screenshots from the dashboard that our clients have access to via their own secure login.

The Benefits of VECTr


Live Market Advice: Make informed decisions by taking advantage of our detailed life-cycle, pricing & availability analysis. 

Third Party Logistics: All material handling is professionally undertaken by Vital Electronics.

Maximise Exposure: Search Engine Optimisation, subscription-based reseller platforms and targeted, direct marketing.

Maximise Revenue: Transform your liabilities into assets. Let us help you realise the full potential of your surplus stock.

Manage the SOP: At your service, Vital Electronics will take care of all quotation, sales and invoice activity.

Asset Circular Economy: Asset financial sustainability. Minimise waste, maximise resource use, bottom line profit protection.

You Retain Control & Title: Should your material demand change, rest assured that items can be returned to you on request.


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