Monitoring, mitigating and resolving component obsolescence issues.


The Problem We Solve

Electronic components, technologies, and systems can become obsolete for various reasons, including advancements, discontinuation, changes in industry standards, or limited parts.

We take a proactive approach by using an industry software platform to manage and mitigate risk in the electronic component marketplace.

Our Sourcing Benefits

Obsolescence Monitoring

We monitor market platforms, software and trends to identity potential obsolescence risks before they occur. We can manage your entire BOM or single part to keep your production lines moving.

Supply Chain Management

Establishing strong relationships with our suppliers, distributors, and contract manufacturers is crucial for effective obsolescence management. A high percentage of our obsolescence solutions come from within our current network.

Obsolescence Solution

Once an issue is identified with a specific component, we flag the problem part and provide you with a product report stating market availability from our trusted suppliers. We are able to support last time buys and offer redesign services in-house.

Documentation Management

We store documentation, track changes, and establish systems for information sharing across multiple departments and organisations in line with AS9120B accreditation standards.

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We are here to help you keep production running by quickly solving your obsolescence issues. We always put quality and customer solutions first.


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