Excess Stock

Making it easy to turn your excess stock into working capital.


The Problem We Solve

The longer your electronic assets remain idle in storage, the faster those components become outdated, and in turn, their resale value diminishes.

Our excess stock solutions allow companies to reclaim immediate working capital from their unused components, peripherals, and IT equipment, transforming them into a profitable revenue stream.

Our Excess Stock Service Benefits

Generate Cash Flow

We are trusted by thousands of manufacturers to determine fair market prices for their excess stock and deliver fast sales. Our market leading experts operate with transparency so you can see you're getting a fair deal.

Ready Made Buyers

We are connected to thousands of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide who have demand for your excess. Once we’ve received and evaluated your list, we market your assets to motivated buyers within hours.

Free Up Storage Space

Our Lot Buy, Line Buy & Consignment solutions all allow our customers to free up vital and costly storage space by shipping your assets to our safe storage facilities.


It is essential that all companies promote the circular economy of assets. Reuse over recycling is not only great for the planet, but also generates income that can be spent on other sustainability initiatives.

VECTr Portal

Your new portal for monitoring excess stock sales

Users of our consignment excess sales model can monitor quote and sales activity in real time. No longer will your excess material disappear into a reporting or communication “blackhole”. Instead, users of VECTr can access all SOP activity, instantly, with their own secure login.

Our Solutions

Lot Buy

After reviewing your entire BOM of excess, we'll send you a competitive offer to free up not only your capital, but also your warehouse space.

Line Buy

We will cross match your entire list against our database of enquiries to identify the most fluid parts and make a competitive bid against these.


We hold, inspect and market your stock on your behalf at a split percentage agreement. Again, this frees up your warehouse space and will help you recover your initial investment.

Speak to our Sourcing Team

We are here to help you keep production running and getting the most out of your excess stock. We always put quality and customer solutions first.


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