Shortage Supply

Sourcing the electronic components you need, right when you need them.


The Problem
We Solve

Electronic component shortages arise from product imbalances, creating a challenging situation. As a leading distributor of electronic components, we facilitate connections between buyers with an immediate sourcing demand,
and our established supplier network.

Leveraging our extensive CRM data and employing customer and product mapping techniques, we strategically procure and distribute products throughout the market to quickly alleviate supply shortages.

Our Sourcing Benefits

Inspection & Testing

Our in-house inspection process in addition to 3rd Party testing assures the authenticity of all products, backed up by a 2 Year Guarantee on all parts sold.

Experts Across The Globe

We have team members on the ground across the globe constantly monitoring their regions supply chains. This means we get from RFQ to Quotation stage quickly and efficiently.

Fast Turnaround Times

We understand that manufacturers being on line stop causes financial and reputational strain. We ensure products are sourced, inspected and shipped in the shortest possible timelines without sacrificing quality.

Supplier Base

We are connected to thousands of trusted suppliers and manufacturers worldwide who have the components you'll need to alleviate the disruption to your production.

Speak to our Sourcing Team

We are here to help you keep production running and alleviate your shortage challenges. We always put quality and customer solutions first.


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